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Automating Cross-Browser Testing

Automating Cross-Browser Testing

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Kavitha R
·Dec 1, 2022·

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Customers’ preferences are ever-changing in today’s technological era with numerous options available, demanding organizations to develop new applications. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has witnessed an increase in digitization and rollout of new digital applications like never before.

When an application is developed, it undergoes testingat multiple levels, before it is finally released in the market. One such test is cross-browser testing that allows the development and testing team to ensure that the application or software functionalities remain same or are easily adaptable to each type of environment whether it is a web-based or mobile-based application.

What is Cross-browser testing?

Any application that is created by the developer is based on the customer requirement and made sure that it is accessible across multiple web browser or devices, failing which the application will not sustain in the market. Cross-browser testing is the process to verify the application compatibility across multiple web browsers.

Cross-browser testing is done to check performance of applications across various web browsers, devices, and platforms. It further ensures that the expectations of the end-users are met.

Types of Cross-browser testing Cross-browser testing are of two types:

  • Automated Cross-Browser Testing
  • Manual Cross-Browser Testing

Why do you need Cross-Browser Testing?

When performing cross-browser testing, it is important to make sure that all the browsers, devices, and platforms receive similar web experience. Any discrepancies can be identified by the cross-browser testing. As users browse content on various devices, it is essential to have uniformly excellent user experience across different platforms.

The manual cross-browser testing and automated cross-browser testing have different process implementations.

Benefits of automated cross-browser testing over manual cross-browser testing

Manual cross-browser testing is generally a slow process and it’s highly time-consuming when it comes to testing multiple functions across various browsers and devices. Manual cross-browser testing is not a feasible option and often leads to disappointments.

Automated cross-browser testing is faster than manual testing and allows the easy execution of automated test scripts. However, automated cross-browser also requires creating initial test scripts manually, thereafter, the process is not fully automated. These test scripts can be executed multiple times across various browsers. To complete the cross-browser test execution process in minimal time, automated Cross-browser testing is your go-for.

The benefits of automated Cross-browser testing are:

  • Saves time and money by choosing automation testing for running repetitive tests of an application over various browsers, devices, operating systems, and platforms.
  • The existing test cases can be reused multiple times, whenever a new code is introduced in the software or some changes are being made.
  • Test scripts that are developed using the automation tool can be efficiently used for regression testing allowing for better test coverage through automation testing.
  • Automation testing allows faster and accurate execution of multiple test cases, even under complex functionality scenarios.
  • Automated cross-browser testing allows to detect bugs quickly as multiple test cases are executed within a few hours. Since automation facilitates fast test execution, there is ample time to detect and fix bugs.
  • Automated cross-browser testing allows you to utilize your resources effectively and efficiently. The need for resources to execute test cases is reduced, eliminating the need for resources.
  • Automated cross-browser testing allows to execute the same test cases multiple times across different browser combinations.


Testing the cross-browser performance of an app is a tedious task which requires an efficient test automation tool and a team of experts to yield the best results. Tenjin Online is the new-age solution to automate app testing and allow organizations to improve quality. It is the 5th generation, codeless, self-assisted test automation solution that has been proven successful across a wide range of web, Android, and iOS applications.

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